Sign up on Perty

Your property manager uses Perty? You have received an email to sign up but you don’t know how to proceed? Here are the steps to follow:

1. Open the invitation email from Perty

2. Download the app Perty by clicking on the AppleStore or GoogleStore, depending on the phone you possess.


3. Open the app to sign up. The information you’ll need are in the email above: your email address and then the invitation code (located at the bottom of the email).

Forgotten password


You have signed up on Perty but you’ve already lost your password. 

You can request another password in the app.

Then, go to your mailbox and look for a Perty email (mailbox, spams…)

Define a new password but don’t forget it again ! 😉

Change the language

The app was automatically set in French and you don’t understand a word?

Go to the settings to change the language.

Manage my issues at home

Thanks to Perty, you can directly send your issues to your property manager from your app. You may raise your issues and follow their process through the tab Issues (see the below). There are 3 statuses:

  • Pending: your request has been sent to your property manager and he is looking for a contractor to assist you.
  • In progress: a contractor has been assigned to your issue.
  • Completed: your issue has been solved and the matter closed.

To raise an issue, please click on the button Raise new issue.

Various pop up messages will appear depending on the type of issue chosen. Thank you for reading them carefully before proceeding.

Please be precise in your problem description. This will help avoid multiple messages back and forth between your property manager and yourself in order to clarify the situation. The option emergency is to be used only in case of a real emergency (ex: blocked toilets, overflowing sink…)

All requests your make will be shared with the tenants of the same flat; if you don’t want to share those issues, please use the option private.

Contact my property manager

You can contact your property manager only when an issue is raised: it is the only communication channel. You may also receive messages from the cotraqctor you would intervene at your home. All those messages can be found in a raised issue or in the Messages tab.

Manage my finances

The Perty app allows you to have an overview of all your rent payments and other transactions with your property manager. In the Home page you have a summary:

  • Outstanding: payements due une the next couple of days that aren’t yet paidl. It is a reminder to avoid you being late.
  • Overdue: late payments still unpaid. These transactions must be done immediately.

In the tab Pasyments, you’ll find the details of  your paid and unpaid invoices to help you stay up-to-date.

My documents


Perty also keeps all the documents linked to your rental. You can find  them in the tab Documents.

You can also find notices (for renovations…) either in the Document section or in the Images section.

Extra useful information

Please check the tab FAQ.

You need to call someone for your building because the lift is down? Go to General.

The entrance code just changed and you’ve already forgotten it? Go to Access details.

My Perty accounts

Even if you have multiple rental with Perty, you’ll only have one account. You can Switch accounts at all time, from your flat rue du Grand Pré to the one rue des Propriétés in order to raise an issue or simply check you financials.

It is possible that your personal information aren’t up to date (new phone number perhaps). You can directly change them on the app.

All this can be done in the tab Settings.

Terminate my lease

If you wish to terminate your contract, please follow the next steps:

  1. In the tab Settings, request the termination of your lease by choosing the desired end date (click on the red buttom). 
  2. You’ll receive in you mailbox a receipt email indicating you what the next steps are.
  3. You’ll then have to raise an issue (help) of type Contrat et Paiements. Please add as a file the termination letter manually signed by all cosigners of the lease. Note that only the day your property manager receives this signed letter is the official date for your termination request.

Your property manager will then contact you to define the next steps together.